Thursday, 25 August 2011

Savage Beauty

Recently bought the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty catalogue, and for ages i've wanted to try my hand at some fashion illustration. And what's more challenging than a McQueen dress made of clam shells from Norfolk i ask you? Yeah, exactly. Bit of a challenge, but i've enjoyed myself quite a bit, so this could be a pursuit i keep up. After all, i've finished university now, i need to figure out what i actually want to do with this degree i've (hopefully) acquired.

For Laney...

Who believe me, is rarely this ethereal in everyday life. In fact, i'd say she's the distinct opposite of floaty, more of a tropical storm. Hurricanes could happily bear her name. (She's going to love me for that...)

Muriel's (Maggie's) Wedding

Going through old negatives i've gradually (really slowly when i can be bothered) to scan and make all digital, i came across some photos of my aunts wedding that i never got around to printing. They're not great. The lighting's shocking. But, the people are more interesting, and a lot has changed since then. Falling outs, death, grief, arguments, polite exchanges. It's a while back. And although i'm proud to say the event could have rivalled an episode of Shameless, it's actual quite a good memory now looking back, drunkards, world war vets, spilled champagne. And i never noticed how interesting my family could be in film either.