Saturday, 11 December 2010

My wall, my workspace.

A quick look at what I'm working with/on at the moment. Lots of illustration going on for various book cover projects. Bret Easton Ellis, Roald Dahl, and Gabriel Garcia Marques.
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The square I live in, covered in snow. And a bit of my blender reflected in the window, looking ever so suggestive... #blackberry test. Wait. This isn't twitter!
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So, I'm testing email posting from my new blackberry, so I can get better at this blogging malarky... Which I'm currently terrible at!
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Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Second

New Set. The First Edit.

The following images (as in the next couple to many posts) are from a photo shoot i did for a friends zine type thing/project, the Vapid Kitten (by the intriguingly talented Betsy Lamborn). It was about reclaiming fashion in the literal sense, reusing clothes, vintage, remade from old fabrics, you get the general gist i'm sure. Was to be a suggestive piece rather than a wear this from here. I collaborated with the model Charlotte Davies (she doesn't blog for shame, or do much arty stuff, but she's good i'm telling you). She supplied a wealth of clothes and together we styled the looks, settings, and came up with the shot ideas. I pressed click and she tried successfully for the most part to avoid pouting or looking uncomfortable. There are many looks to come, including an eighties prom dress, underwear as outerwear, vintage lace, something for the night, summery dresses for the day, and an amazing crocodile skin bag. (iknowiknowiknow, but it's vintage and rather pretty). So anyway, here's the first... a beautiful face shot taking advantage of the rare and beautiful natural light of Nottingham.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Berstein Looks Part 2

Model for this set of photographs is my friend Hannah Lawrence, who more than likely had some input on the styling too. Makeup by Liz Bernstein.

The Bernstein Looks

I was meant to be taking photographs to use as reference material for an illustration project on the Brothers Grimm. After the gin it just descended into some form of photos and styling thing, with some oddly styled manga make up, originally intended to be snow queen esq. Styling and modelling by Liz Bernstein (The Bernstein Look on Blogger), and Jemma Herbert.

More to come...

Bantum Screen Prints Tees @ NottSoDependent

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Dancers at NottSoDependent

Just a few shots. My new camera is a bit too good, definite lack of movement, when in reality, they were moving quite a lot!


It just took me/has been taking me a ridiculous amount of time to upload images to my blog, so, from now on when i've lots to show all at once i'm going to be using imageshack. Way more useful, as i can just set it to upload and leave it be! Plus, blogger keeps having errors everytime i try add an image, what gives?!?

Avoiding the chains... for as long as possible.

Last week, on Thursday the 22nd, i took part in an event put together in part by Michaela Hall, called NottSoDependent at Escucha here in Nottingham. Now initially i would've called it just a fashion show. However it was a much bigger event, not only showcasing Nottinghams independent fashion offerings, but with much going on in the way of stalls, music, raffles, an afterparty, dancers, and even some live screen printing from Bantum. It was a pretty big production, and for a first timer, pretty bloody good. So here are the catwalk images i shot for now, with clothes from We Make T-shirts, Bantum, Pink and Lily, and more. I'll update the credits when i've got all of them!