Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Set. The First Edit.

The following images (as in the next couple to many posts) are from a photo shoot i did for a friends zine type thing/project, the Vapid Kitten (by the intriguingly talented Betsy Lamborn). It was about reclaiming fashion in the literal sense, reusing clothes, vintage, remade from old fabrics, you get the general gist i'm sure. Was to be a suggestive piece rather than a wear this from here. I collaborated with the model Charlotte Davies (she doesn't blog for shame, or do much arty stuff, but she's good i'm telling you). She supplied a wealth of clothes and together we styled the looks, settings, and came up with the shot ideas. I pressed click and she tried successfully for the most part to avoid pouting or looking uncomfortable. There are many looks to come, including an eighties prom dress, underwear as outerwear, vintage lace, something for the night, summery dresses for the day, and an amazing crocodile skin bag. (iknowiknowiknow, but it's vintage and rather pretty). So anyway, here's the first... a beautiful face shot taking advantage of the rare and beautiful natural light of Nottingham.

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